What I learnt about grilling Cape Grim beef ribs today

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    Wazza wrote:

    :D We are about to change someone's life forever. :D
    Don't need a gmg profile. Cook at 225f, 110c.

    As for rub, this is very personal, but you can't go wrong with salt and pepper. Toast off 50/50 pepper corns rock salt in a wok, the smell will tell you when it's ready, then grind up in a spice grinder or food processor. Coat ribs, chuck in gmg. S and P is a great start, you can play with rub flavour after this.

    This is normally where I would say walk away and come back in 8 hours, but every cook is different. Chances are 8 hours is about right, but you need to probe the ribs. It's about feel, not temp. When a probe goes into the meat and you can kinda feel it, but it's pushing in easily, they are done, the comparison is a hot knife into butter.

    Last bit of advice, pics or it didn't happen. Post up those pics, it's what we all love to see. Good luck, it's a great cut of meat.
    Thanks Wazza :cheers:
    GMG - Daniel Boone.

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