One tip sure to come in handy for Cape Grim ribs

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    I asked for some help on cooking Cape Grim ribs. Maybe even a GMG profile I could use.

    So far I have the following and it sounds like sage advice to you agree?

    Urban Griller wrote:

    @smokeygriller You can ask the forum members...I don't use profiles for Low and Slow because there is no "Finish" temp for Low and's about the feel.

    For CG ribs Cook for 7 hrs at 110C, then start looking for soft texture...usually closer to 8 hrs to be finished...but some soften up at the 7 hour mark.
    I will be trying this just as soon I can thaw these bad boys out. Thanks @urbangriller

    Smokey G
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    GMG - Daniel Boone.

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