Roasted Butter Chicken

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    • Roasted Butter Chicken

      Now I'm not huge on Indian Cuisine, although it certainly owns land on my palate. My cravings are rare, but they come on strong.

      Done this in my webber and threw some gentle peach smoke over the top of this.

      Served it with papadums and some nice Long Grain Rice..



      I know, I forgot to tuck the wings in.
    • Nice! I don't cook nearly enough Indian food, now the weather is cooling I might need to change that. I get huge cravings as I managed an Indian restaurant when I was younger. I'd like to say I picked up some tips in the years I was there from the chefs but sadly I never spent enough time in the kitchen other than doing basic prep work. But I basically lived on Indian food when I was there as the chefs would cook me dinner every night.
    • Silent Bob - i understand your pain. Ive been raised by a Brazilian mother. Ive grown up on the amazing South American dishes which i took for granted.
      As I got older I started to realise that it's not normal to have 6 different cuisines a week X/

      Been taking alot of notes on the last year every time she visits now.