Early morning start

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    • Early morning start

      Got up at 4am but it was pretty wet and windy so stayed in bed until it died down at 4:30 then lit the Tri-Fire.

      The fat cap on the brisket was pretty thick. Ended up chopping off about 1kg of fat before I got bored and decided to throw it on the smoker at about 6am. About 1 hour behind schedule but not bad.

      Then it was on to the pork shoulder. My usual butcher wasn't about when I popped by on my lunch break yesterday so nipped into spud shed and got a 2.9kg shouldershoulder. Not use to cryovac pork and it had a bit of a sulphur pong but a quick rinse and all was good.

      Trimmed off the skin. Injected, rubbed and joined it's beefy friend on the offset at about 7:30am. Now to wait 10 - 12 hours and enjoy :D

      Got about 15 people to feed tonight

    • It's not going to be my best brisket. I had it a bit close to the back of the chamber so the side near that wall has dried out a bit and the point is well ahead of the flat which isn't too bad.

      Both are wrapped now. Got some pics just before I wrapped. Can't promise I'll get the money shots at the end as it will be a bit hectic with so many people but will try.

    • So it seemed a waste to throw away that 1kg of brisket fat... So I minced it and spent a few hours rendering it down on the stove. I then strained it into a bowl and let it solidify in a fridge. Took it out and checked the base for any impurities that had snuck through but it looked clean so I reheated it and poured it into ice trays and put that in the freezer. I've now got a little bag of tallow blocks inside my freezer door plus a little bit in a container in the fridge that wouldn't fit in the tray :)

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