The brisket I bought in the CG Group Buy, on my Hark Texas Pro Pit

    • The brisket I bought in the CG Group Buy, on my Hark Texas Pro Pit

      Heya chaps.

      A big shoutout to @Narm Naleg who organised the Sydney Cape Grim group buy. I hadn't had Cape Grim before now.

      My Texas Pro Pit is only a few months old and I have cooked ribs, beef chuck, chicken, pork, fish in it. I knew how to maintain temps so was confident enough to try my first brisket.

      I thought I'd try something I picked up from reading this excellent forum. The overnight fuse. Also Firebrand charcoal is fantastic and it is the only briquette I will use form now on. No more Heat Beads. These are only a little bit more expensive but burn so much better and cleaner than stinky ol' Heat Beads!

      I was having people over for lunch, so set up the snake late at night and lit the chimney around 11.00pm. I dumped it on the Firebrand snake/fuse at 11.30pm and the cooker took a legitimate hour to get up to temp. Lesson learnt for next time. Start earlier!

      Brisket rubbed and put in the cooker at 12.30am

      I then went to bed! Very impressed with the charcoal, the cooker and the fuse. It burnt at 225-240F without any intervention from me. I added chunks of mesquite to the fuse so it had smoke for the whole time I was asleep.

      I woke up to this:

      I crutched the brisket at 155F. Pretty boring from here on in - I just let it cook and get to temp.

      I wish I had started a couple of hours earlier because I only rested the cut for 30mins before lunch was served. It was still delicious!

      So there you go guys. Brisket and sleep in an offset is a possibility. With the right charcoal of course. My next cook will involve burning sticks (sourced some red ironbark) and you bet I will post it up here. Great forum, thanks for reading!
    • Oh yeah forgot to add that bit UG! Sorry was late last night.

      Yes that amount of charcoal is about 6 hours burn time. When I woke up, the fuse needed topping up. Easy peasy, I just loaded up the charcoal again and the fuse started to reverse. I reckon it's about 8kg of Firebrand for a 12hr cook. Could have finished in the oven, but just doesn't feel authentic or earnt doing it that way. I love the Pro Pit too much to cheat on it (him? Her?) at the very end of a cook.

      My fuse was 2 x 2