Deep fried turkey

    • Deep fried turkey

      Some friends told me that the deep fried turkey they had in the states was one of the best things they'd ever eaten. Apparently it's quite a dangerous thing to cook and something like 4300 properties per year burn down from failed deep fried turkey attempts.
      Has anyone here ever tried it? Did you use one of the purpose built kits? Peanut oil? Was it gooooooooooooooooooooool?

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    • Yes, I have deep fried a turkey, and a chicken many times. It comes out moist and not greasy. I use new rice bran oil then store it in the fridge and use it over time in normal kitchen frying.


      1. Use clean oil.

      2. Use a significantly larger pot than you think you need. 50% headspace is about right. EG I cook a 5-7kg bird in about 30L of oil in a 60L pot.

      3. Make sure he's nice and dry, and room temperature before going for a dip. Salt him and leave it uncovered in the fridge overnight. Dry with paper towels and leave on the bench for a few hours. Dry again before cooking.

      4. Use long tongs and something that keeps it off the bottom (like the rack in the video).

      5. If you have to use gas do it somewhere safe and have a fire extinguisher handy.

      6. Check the temperature with a thermopen after 20 min.

      7. DO IT OUTDOORS!

      8. Get the oil to about 220°C before dipping, maintaining temp whilst cooking at about 180-190°C

      9. Do it infrequently, unless you use lots of oil in your house.

      10. Invite friends, and me!
    • BBQ Pit Boys Country Deep Fried Turkey

      These guys wear proper footwear but I wonder if axe and knife throwing are really necessary?

      My dad used to deep fry just about everything. He had special pots for oil and another for lard. They had superb flavour as he reused it seasoned the oil and lard.

      If you like the idea of deep fried turkey and chicken, try deep fried duck.
    • Deep fried turkey

      I had deep fried duck in Malaysia. There was a stall across the road from our hotel. This guy had a huge witches cauldron. At the start of the day he would hang about 20 ducks around the outside of the cauldron then flip them in during the day as he needed them. Not sure about the food hygiene but they were delicious with a sweet hot sauce.

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    • Yep, I've done it a few times, results are fantastic moist bird, great skin and double quick time!

      I use the Hark "Crab Boiler" which has this message on the side of the pot:

      And that's the problem! 4300 people who over fill with oil and/or put their turkey in wet or not totally defrosted, the water boils the oil over and onto the raging gas burner!