Christmas leftovers

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    • Christmas leftovers

      Had a biggish christmas planned but with some family having to bow out at last minute the 3kg de-boned pork shoulder I'd picked up needed to be downsized, original piece of meat went into the freezer for later use. Not really sure what to use it for the wife came up with the plan of inviting them over again and throwing it on the roti, I was game with that. can't afford to turf a hunk of meat like this from having it stashed away in the freezer too long now that the wife is out of a job!

      Just a slow de-frost in the fridge and rubbed down with some salt and then into the grill
      IMG_0700 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr

      About an hour in, need more heat! Added a stack of heatbeads to finish things off
      IMG_0701 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr

      As it came out after a loving touch of the looftlighter for some crackling.
      IMG_0703 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr

      Maybe a touch burnt for crackling but the meat was nice and juicy, and that cracking had a wonderful smoky/burnt flavor to it!

      All in took ~3 hours in the homebrew Chargriller roti setup, will be doing it again if I get a chance!