SOLD - Pro Q Excel Elite 20

    • SOLD - Pro Q Excel Elite 20

      Hi Guys,

      Thought I share this on the thread here, for anyone keen please let me know ASAP. Have posted this on Gumtree also.

      Very regretful sale. Pro Q Excel 20 Elite Smoker.

      $449 with 1 bag of Gidgee Charcoal happy to swap the Gidgee for WA Mallee if you prefer. Can also do $405 for the smoker without the Charcoal.

      Used once at the YAKS by BBQs Galore as a demo, is practically brand spanking new. Cleaned inside and out.

      $649 Brand New, SAVE $200. Drooled over many a time. The duck's guts of Pro Q smokers.

      Pickup Landsdale. Be quick. Great smoker, have used a Pro Q Frontier for over 18mths and they are bang on.

      Bought this and was then told I have another smoker on its way for my B'day & I'd better sell it :(

      On the up side my loss or is that win, is your win! :)

      Some info from the Pro Q website follows;

      ProQ® Excel 20 Elite

      The Excel20 is the largest capacity smoker in the ProQ range and boasts the most advanced features, and now the Elite Series boasts even more durability and ease of use. The ProQ Excel20 Elite features three vents in the base of the unit for accurate temperature control in any condition, probe thermometer eyelets and access doors fitted on each stacker for easy monitoring of food temps from the outside, and access to the fire and the waterpan.

      The Elite version of the Excel 20 now comes with Stainless Steel grills, door handles, clips, nuts and bolts and our new ‘cool touch” side handles, which are also high heat silicon covered to make them cooler to touch. It will also come pre fitted with red Gromlets®, to make inserting your probes easier, and more compatible with the most popular probes (Maverick/iGrill).

      If it’s features don’t impress, then it’s sheer size will. The 50cm diameter and standing at 1.2m gives you the capacity for 29.5 kg of food, which is hard to imagine, the Excel will hold 8 whole chickens, or any large joint of meat, a suckling pig has been done. Did I mention that the unit is expandable? Each stacker adds 30 lbs/13.6 kgs to the capacity, even more if you consider the pre fitted meat and fish hanger on the inside of the lid. This allows you to vertically smoke even the largest cuts of meat. The unit’s capacity and be even further increased with the use of ProQ Rib Racks and ProQ Chicken Racks which save grill space by holding cuts vertically.

      Ultra Versatile

      The biggest asset the Excel20 Elite has is it’s versatility, it’s capable of Smoking, Roasting and Grilling. Remove the waterpan and use the stackers to enable adjustable height grilling. And….the Excel20 can be transformed into a small portable BBQ by removing the stackers, as the lid and base are designed to lock together, as are all the stacks. The Excel20 Elite can be transformed into a cold smoker when coupled with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and a rotisserie by adding the ProQ Rotisserie Kit. Is there anything this awesome piece of kit can’t do?

      Smoke, BBQ, grill, roast

      Robust hangers included for fish and meat

      Fully porcelain coated

      65 lbs/29.5kg capacity

      Internal temperature gauge

      Latch locking system and folding side handles for the stackers for stability and travel

      4 Air vents for excellent temperature control

      Large capacity porcelain coated water pan for indirect heat cooking

      Access doors for topping up water and adding wood chips without disassembling

      Gromlets® on each stacker for monitoring meat temperatures, a must when smoking/roasting for long periods of time

      2 stainless steel grates for cooking

      The unit stands at 1.20m, and is half a meter across.
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