I'm finally going to cook something

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    • I just pulled it out and foiled it,then into an esky. With a 20 hour cook time it was still showing an internal temp of 89C. It seemed to sit at 80C for a long, long time before it started climbing.
      It super soft and tender, and the bone is ready to jump out by itself 8) .
      Thanks for the foiling tip, I'll do that in time for the next cook. After I clean off the remnants of this one :D .
    • Lovey wrote:

      It seemed to sit at 80C for a long, long time before it started climbing.
      That's the second stall point. I usually get one around 72c and the other low 80's.
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    • And the results are in. I've got a set of meat rakes which I usually use to shred something like this, but they definitely weren't needed for this. It literally fell apart and only needed the slightest effort to pull it into chunks like this. The bark was beautiful and flavourful and the meat was soft and juicy. Served up on a choice of 3 different rolls with 4 different sauces, I definitely had the wife and kids seal of approval. To quote Borat, "Great success."

      As a possible improvement, I would do the next one at a slightly higher temperature, say 110C as opposed to 105C to avoid an overnight/next day cook time like this one.

      Thanks for looking,
    • My 2010, no-wifi Daniel Boone with the side louvers, which I do not think they even make anymore will use about .58kg/hour with the temperature at about 9°c and no wind. Wind will cause more consumption then cold, unless we are talking serious cold...
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    • Lovey wrote:

      Ray C wrote:

      Disconnect the pellet alarm!! They are so sensitive it's ridiculous.
      Ha ha, funny you mention that Ray. I had gotten used to the huffing and puffing of the GMG overnight, it was actually quite rhythmic ^^ . Then at 4.30 this morning I heard this screeching noise. I rolled over to check the phone and saw the low pellet alarm was going off, combined with the alarm coming from the GMG itself. Into the garage and I grabbed a bag of pellets and checked the hopper, it was well beneath the auger guard. I filled it up again, then back to (sort of) sleep.At the 12 hour mark the pork is at 77, so I'm tracking nicely to take it off at lunchtime. I took a sneaky pic too.

      Re the pellet consumption, is that a normal amount to have been used for 8 hours in to a low temp cook?
      Thanks for looking,
      OMG Look how clean that is!

      HectorAsado wrote:

      A welding blanket over the Traeger lets me do overnights in sub zero temps
      There is a propper thermal blanket, but a Horse blanket works also.