Lamb Shanks with Herb and Almond Crust

    • Lamb Shanks with Herb and Almond Crust

      We picked up a couple of lamb shanks from Spudshed a while back and tried something new out. Came out pretty well and thought we'd share it with you.

      Cheers, Wayne and Jan

      Lamb Shanks with Herb and Almond Crust

      Gathered up a handful each of sage leaves, rosemary, and thyme. a couple of cloves of garlic and 300 mls of olive oil. Blitzed it in the processor and then added 200grams of ground almonds.

      Poked a few slits in the shanks and stuffed them with garlic slivers and bits of lemon zest.

      Then coated the whole lot with the Almond crust.

      Then it was off to the Hark for some smokey loving......

      A couple of hours of that and then into a baking dish with a litre of chicken stock. Cover with foil and let it do it's thing for another couple of hours.

      Smelt terrific and here it is with foil off.

      A look at the bottom of a shank.

      On the plate with a couple of veges, we made a sauce/gravy from the pan juices but missed taking a pic.

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