Kalbi Beef Short Ribs

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    • Kalbi Beef Short Ribs

      We were in Coles picking up some bits and pieces and had a stickybeak through the meat aisle where we found some packs of beef shorties. They were a decent size with a good amount of meat on them and at $8 a kilo a reasonable price. $10 used to be the going rate but now you see them anywhere up to the $18 mark.

      We were throwing a chuck in the Hark and decided to give these a try at the same time. They were trimmed up and marinaded in a Korean Kalbi marinade and left overnight. Next day they were into the smoker for 3 hours with some hickory chips. Then foiled up for another 3 hours with a bit of extra Kalbi.
      They came out nice and tender with still a bit of bite. Not falling off the bone as you might expect with so long wrapped. I think using a tray with foil over it rather than the tight wrap helped here but could have just been the meat. Only problem was there were only 4 and everyone wanted some :)

      Cheers, Wayne and Jan

      Beef Shorts $8 a kilo

      Nice and meaty

      Just a bit of trimming to get rid of some fat and silver skin

      A rub over with some Kalbi marinade and into the fridge overnight

      Next day and a sprinkle of rub and they're ready for the smoker

      Into the Hark with some hickory chips for the first 3 hours

      Cooking cooking......

      Time to wrap. We used a foil tray this time instead of a tight wrap.

      3 more hours in the smoker and here they are

      A peek inside

      BBQ Junkster

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    • steinyboys wrote:

      could you post the recipe for the marinade please looks tasty
      Hiya SB, there isn't much of a recipe as such mate but here goes....

      I used a bought Kalbi marinade from a Korean shop and slathered the trimmed ribs with it. Then into the fridge for the night.
      Next day it was into the smoker at 250f for three hours of smoking. I used hickory chips.
      I don't wrap at a particular temp just generally use the 3-2-1 method, so after the 3 hours of smoke I foiled them in a tray with a bit more Kalbi marinade and gave them another 3 hours at 250f.
      Ususally I'd only go 2 hours and then for the last hour I'd baste them and put them back in the smoker to glaze up. This time we were going out and taking them with us so just got the 3 hours in smoke and 3 hours in foil. If you do cook these up, check after 2 hours in foil and if they probe well then pull them out and glaze for the last bit.

      I'll try to get a pic of the Kalbi we use but if you see it, try Bulgogi the same way. It's pretty good :)

      Cheers, Wayne and Jan
      BBQ Junkster

      I just did a weeks worth of cardio after walking into a spiderweb