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  • Felipe -

    Yeah mate. Call me on 0400846886. $100. I paid $150. I got to go to work tomorrow. Spew

  • stuart -

    Hi would you have a ticket for the master class tomorrow by any chance Thanks

  • Black Heart BBQ -

    Yo Felipe its Nick from smokin in the port (south gero) , finally found my way onto the forums here. Hope to catch up with ya soon ! Peace bruz.

  • Geoffo -

    Cmon bruz don't leave us hanging, how was your pulled pork?

    • Felipe -

      Mate, i took like 3 photos, It was great, not amazing. My misses reckons "best one yet", but personally I tried a few different things which I wouldn't do again.

      I was wondering if there was just an image gallery maybe I could post the one pic?

    • Beachbums -

      Hiya, just pop it up in the thread or you could put in the Gallery over here..... smokefireandfood.com/forum/gal…k-at-the-meal-i-just-had/